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About the Project

O-Weather is a concept, self-initiated project. The app was designed to provide users with a world-wide, week long hourly weather forecast. O-Weather differentiate itself by a unique, game-like interface.

Main Screen

The main screen is designed to be simple yet appealing a modern. The dial in the center of the screen, which is where O-Weather gets its name, is the main Call to Action, and it contains the most vital piece of information the user needs; the temperature. The secondary information is position in a lower hierarchy and has a lower contrast against the background, to reduce the cognitive overload on the user.

Main Screen

Additional Screens

More screens include: Weekly Average Temperatures and Precipitation, Add Location, and Side Menu. These screens are designed to be consistent with the general, primary experience the user gets from the main screen.

additional screens
additional screens

UI Elements

The UI elements in the app contribute to the general game-like look and feel. O-Weather's main dial is designed to be a single-trial learning interface. It presents all the vital information in a clear way, thanks to high contrast against the background and a large font display.

UI Elements

App Icon

app icon


The process of creating early sketches and low-fidelity wireframes.